BiNGS will provide organized activities including seminars, workshops and mini-courses (given by Core personnel or speakers from other NYC institutions), as well as one-on-one consultation to train and educate TCI investigators and their lab members in bioinformatic analysis. TCI investigators, postdoctoral fellows and students are also invited to participate in the Nucleosome Club and Chromatin Club meetings run by Drs. Hasson and Bernstein, aimed to facilitate discussion related to chromatin biology, methods in chromatin biology, analysis pipelines and usage of publically available bioinformatic resources. We are also available for one-on-one meetings with investigators and trainees upon request. Finally, we would be happy to join your lab meetings and relevant research talks in order to learn about your project(s), which will facilitate our ability to analyze your data.

Please check in regularly for updates.

BiNGS provides open office hours over Zoom to answer any questions you may have regarding BiNGS core and the services we provide. Please feel free to join these open office Zoom events every Monday from 4 to 6pm by clicking the icon on the left or joining the following meeting with Zoom ID: 4098483549

New York City has an incredible community of chromatin-focused research labs. A few NYC-based investigators are organizing monthly, 2 speaker / 1 hour zoom seminars. These will spotlight students and postdocs from across the city.

The San Diego Chromatin Club is a bi-weekly seminar series and gathering of ~100 investigators in the San Diego area working on epigenetics, chromatin, and related research area since late 2016. Organizers are Bing Ren, Ani Deshpande, Diana Hargreaves, Chris Benner, and Allen Wang.